Information& Resources. A consultation with Anil is the starting point of your assessment and treatment. In a relaxed setting, the information that you and/or your family doctor provide is used to plan your treatment.

If an examination is appropriate, it is undertaken with a nurse chaperone (as per good practice guidelines in most developed countries). The consultation and examination are undertaken in a sensitive empathic manner.

These days, a number of bewildering options exist for many gynaecological conditions. Anil believes in the jargon-free explanation of these to enable 'knowledge to conquer fear'. Surgery is not always the best or only treatment and he will suggest alternative managements where appropriate.

If surgery is planned...

A full interactive discussion about the procedure will take place and this can involve a second consultation if needed. There is some general information below on individual problems / operations and also some detailed pdfs that you can download. Anil has regular surgical lists at Ascot and Brightside Hospitals.