Endometriomas (Chocolate!) cysts

Sat Aug. 21st 2021

Do these exist in isolation? They are endometriosis-filled cysts usually on one or both ovaries. They are usually diagnosed by ultrasound unlike many other cases of endometriosis. They almost always have other associated endometriosis existing with them.


The study found that only 2.3% of all endometriomas existed without other endometriosis lesions at the same time.

80.6% of those with one or two endometriomas had peritoneal endometriosis and 43.2% had deep infiltrating endometriosis.

Deep infiltrating endometriosis was also more commonly present in patients with endometriomas on both sides. Severe adhesions due to endometriosis were more common also. The authors suggested that endometriomas almost never occur without other endometriosis, and should always be operated on by experienced surgeons.