Tips For Managing Pelvic Pain At Home

Sun Aug. 29th 2021

What to do during lockdown.

  1. Over-the-counter pain relief. Taking Ibuprofen / Nurofen or other anti-inflammatory medication is a good idea for pain relief. Be careful about taking too much for too long and look at doses / side-effects of your anti-inflammatory online. 
  2. Movement. Exercise when you are in pain isn'r exactly what comes to mind. But if you can get moving please do as not only does getting the circulation flowing help but so does the release of natural endorphins (natural chemicals that help with pain-relief and a feeling of wellbeing). Aim for 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week.
  3. Use heat therapy. Hot pad on the painful area eg lower tummy or back (hottie), warm bath or shower. These can help by increasing blood flow.
  4. Start aiming for positive changes. Examples include cutting down and stopping smoking, healthier diets and weightloss.. OK not the firth thing that comes to mind during a lockdown but worth considering. It's about well-being.
  5. Mind over matter. Mindfulness, meditation and yoga including deep breathing exercises can help stress and tension so that some of the triggers of pelvic pain are removed.
  6. Consultation with a gynaecologist who is trained to help with pelvic pain / endometriosis. This can be a telephone appointment initially during lockdown. Please see contact details.
  7. Don't forget that if the pain is severe or you have concerns then call 111 if it's an emergency or 0800 611 116 (free advice for urgent problems in NZ on HEALTHLINE)